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-Evaporative cooling, Affordable and cost effective cooling.

1. how does evaporative cooling work.

- is a type of air conditioning that is has become increasingly popular in recent times. it uses the natural process of evaporation to achieve cooling. It is an efficient, cost-effective and user-friendly system that operates at maximum efficiency to reduce power usage. Choosing a system for your house isn't as easy as you think, at Airtech Climate solutions we have many years of experience and offer great advice or factor in thing you might not see. We are proud to offer you access to the best brands in the business, brands like Breezair, Braemar and Coolair all locally made by the multi-award winning Seeley International at Lonsdale.

2. Evaporative cooling benefits and features.

Evaporative cooling air conditioners are cheaper to run and much more environmentally friendly. Evaporative cooling consume 90% less power than ducted air conditioners, it is a natural producer of evaporation of the pads, it is more environmentally friendly, has a huge saving on your electricity bills reducing the environmental carbon footprint. It has a much higher moisture content (due to the evaporation process), better on the skin and feels more natural.

3. How does it work?

Evaporative cooling using a natural producer of evaporation. Your evaporative cooler consist of 4 major components. Fan, Pads, Pump and water. Your basin will fill to the correct level from float valve, pump will pump the water to top of system/water channels, water will flow over pads and soak in, then your fan will drag the airflow over the pads picking up the moisture and supplying it to the correct area. high moisture air flow to the human body will feel cold, cooling you down.

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