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-3 tips saving on your air conditioning electricity bill throughout summer!!!!

1. Dont set tempature to low on system.

Everyone has done it before setting your system to 18 degrees cooling. Unfortunately with doing this your air conditioning system has to work alot hard to maintain this temp causing more power usage and bigger electricity bills. There are ideal temperatures for all over Australia for cooling in summer and winter:

South Australia, Adelaide – 24 – 25 degrees Celsius (ideal comfort and living conditions)

2. Servicing and maintaining your air conditioning system.

Everything is required to me serviced or maintained at some point in time, your air conditioning system should be maintained regularly by a professional. servicing your system will stop things like blocked filters causing extra load on your system making it hard to maintain temperature in the house, due to this your system will be working harder than required to maintain this temp causing high power usage.

Another huge benefit will be extending the life span of the unit and potentially save you hundreds of dollars on your air conditioning costs e.g. repair costs.

3. Ensuring you have the right size system

Most people think the bigger the system the better it will work, well not always the case. Having a system to over sized or under sized for your house will cause you many issues, from system working to hard and using more electricity than required or paying to much for a system that isn't required. Getting a proper quote and kw to square meter calculation from a professional can save you hundreds if not thousands on electricity bills and system costs.

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