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3 tips on Air conditioning installation

1. installing the correct system.

it may seem all well and good to install the biggest system in your house, not always the case. you have to count in many factors when installing an air conditioning system into your house. Getting a professional to measure and size your house is a huge factor of installing the correct system. installing the wrong system can cause many issues from not being able to heat or cool the space correctly and using unnecessary power causing high electricity bills.

2. ensuring the air conditioning installation in done correctly

Ensuring the air conditioning installation is done by a professional and correctly installed ensure you a life time system with no issues. Making sure your copper pipe work is installed correctly with the right tools is a huge key to having a system with no issues, following the Australian standards procedures with pressure testing, vacing system to below 500 micros and performing drop test will ensure no moisture in system and guarantee a life time system.

3. commissioning the installation

Commissioning your system after the correct installation is a huge key to checking the correct operation of the unit. This can determine any outlying issues during the installation and give you confidence the system is performing to the correct specs. Checking things like compressor amp draws, running pressure, air off an on temps and many more things will determine a good installation has been done.

tips on air conditioning instillation

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